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Welcome to
Dragon Claw
Martial Arts School
Lung Shou Pai Kung Fu

The Dragon Claw Martial Arts School is no longer open under the ownership of Master Ron.  Grandmaster Norman is currently running a small school in Picayune.

Master Ron transferred to Charlotte, NC because of his job.

Ron Scott

Master Ron Scott has over 20 years of combined experience in the martial arts, most of those in the art of Dragon Claw Kung Fu. Master Ron carries the rank of 5th degree Black Sash/Belt in the Lung Shou Pai Wu Shu Association. He also has experience in Aikijujitsu, Aikido and Tai Chi .

Not applcable

Picayune School Emblem

We are still growing and welcome any and all interested in the martial arts, especially Kung Fu. We are happy to have anyone who wants to experience our style of Kung Fu to come and work out in a class for free. Black belts of other systems are especially welcome to work out with us and compare and share techniques and styles.

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